EA Threatened Over Godfather Machine Guns

EA's Godfather series features two weapons bearing the name "Dillinger". They are, of course, a tip of the hat to bank robber John Dillinger. But the supposed Dillinger estate are having none of it.

Jeffery Scalf, who says his grandmother was Dillinger's half sister (I know, I know), has threatened EA with a lawsuit unless they pay him "millions of dollars" for the use of his alleged ancestor's name on the weapons.

He's made the threat under the assumption he has control over all aspects of the late Dillinger's estate, including any and all depictions of his likeness and/or name. Best of all, it's not the first time he's tried it; in 2007 he tried to stop a local festival in Arizona from calling itself "Dillinger Days".

To protect themselves from Scalf's tactics, EA have filed a request with a judge in San Francisco to dismiss the case, and to grant them permission to use the name "Dillinger" whenever and however they like, claiming the games' status as "works of artistic expression" cover them under the First Amendment.

EA vs Dillinger llc [US District Court of California, via GamePolitics]


    Far too many morons think they can make a quick buck with a pointless lawsuit. I don't understand how they get the money for the legal fees in the first place

    some dill in a suit might offer them a deal, everyone is in on the get rich scheme.

    I don't know who thinks they're going to get money from EA with their army of lawyers either.

    LAME! You're somehow ancestor was a criminal. No rights should come his way or his name. And you're hardly related to him so shut your mouth!

    And the Godfather probably didn't rake in "millions and millions" that EA had hoped. So the money if this case miraculously wins, wouldn't come from the Godfather budget believe me.

    It's just like a fan-site of a celebrity or a blog talking about celebrities. If that site makes $$$ off adverts then can the celebrity sue cause there name is mentioned on this site?? ANd besides, its his last name of this dead(?) criminal. It's probably a common last name or at least a few dozen share it. Just cause its in a violent game and he was criminal, get over it!!!!

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