Eidos Confirms Arkham DLC Is For PC, Too

The PS3 news ticker this morning said Batman: Arkham Asylum is due for some free DLC on Sept. 17. In its forums, Eidos has confirmed the package will also arrive for PC and the Xbox 360.

An Eidos forum admin said simply, "I'm happy to inform you, it will arrive at the same time," when asked if the DLC would coincide with the PCs Sept. 15 release and be available for the 360 as well. You can read it here. So, it's a three platform simultaneous release. No other word what the DLC drop contains yet.

New DLC - PC? [Eidos Forums via Shacknews]


    That's cool. The PC release is like 60 bucks on Steam so I'll probably pick that version up.

    Man I'm already counting the days till the pc release. Now I'm realllly getting impatient. :P

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