Eight Minutes Of Modern Warfare 2 Story Mode

There's no telling where this cam-footage of an entire Modern Warfare 2 mission came from, but there's no mistaking it for any other game.

A reader pointed us to the YouTube version of this clip, uploaded by a user named "kajsghkjab" as his sole YouTube contribution, so we're guessing that he probably doesn't want fame and fortune. He just wants to show the nice people an entire mission from Activision's Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, in all of its gorgeous, bloody glory. This isn't normally my type of game, but after the car-shattering ending of this mission? It must be mine.


    Nah this video is a months old(taken around the 26/27th of August) - there are a few different versions of it though (different cams) and this one is the longest that I have seen.


    I had only seen up to just after he shoots the guy in the leg and the shootout in the courtyard begins. So great to see the end of it. Wicked.

    Hope there will be some night missions too. It's weird seeing MW2 in daylight, well this sort of daylight. It looks so much brighter and Rainbow Six Vegas type.

    The faces of characters look odd though like the driver in the beginning, they look too much like Vegas. I mean Price & other characters in COD4 were heaps detailed but these look very downgraded, whether thats the quality of the vid or not?

    Not long now! Geez. Before you know it, Treyarchs next game will be announced.

    OMG its MW2 story mode, this game is totally not going to involve the most clichéd plot elements, shallow characters that I don't care, and crappy linear set pieces.

    But of course its GoTY right?

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