Empire: Total War Getting New Campaign, New Battles

Just because Creative Assembly are working on a new Total War game doesn't mean they've given up on the last one—Empire—as a new expansion for the game is due next month.

It's called "Warpath", and is focused on North America, and the conflict between Native Americans and European powers. It includes an all-new campaign, five new factions (Iroquois, Huron, Plains, Pueblo and Cherokee) and some new tech as well.

In addition to the expansion, a patch for the game will be released later today, which not only fixes a few bugs but also adds two new historical battles, Rossbach and Fontenoy.


    Soo uh that multiplayer campaign they were hyping isnt coming in the expansion is it.

    This was SUPPOSED to be in the first game. The entire "road to independence" campaign was about fighting the indians and colonial powers for control of North America.

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