Empire: Total War In Line For Another Round Of Fixes

Empire: Total War devotees will be more than aware that, even after the game's been patched, there are still some glaring issues with the game's AI. Guess it's time for another patch, then!

There's a wide variety of minor fixes being made to the game in late September, most of them to do with improving the enemy AI. Two in particular stand out as being key, namely one fixing your troop's use of cannons while defending a fort, and the other improving AI when moving inside a fort and using ropes.

They're the two main things that made viable siege warfare nearly unplayable in the original release of the game, so hopefully in a few weeks time we won't ever have to complain about them again.

Empire: Total War Update 1.4 Gets Smart [Shacknews]


    I love these guys, and the series. Up until this release I've bought every single one on release day.

    The problem I find with the series is that on release they have a terrible of history of needing large patches well after release. By the time the game is where it should be, it is half price or less in the stores, and the fans that bought on release day are thankful for the result, but nonetheless frustrated with the time it took.

    Empire WILL be a purchase, but after all the waiting I've done in the past I've decided this time to do my waiting BEFORE I buy it. I will then open the box/steam it, patch it, and play what I know will be a great game, but this time it will actually be on the day I bought it.

    So what happened to multiplayer campaign?

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