Europe Getting Four More Bundles For The 250GB PS3

This is a screen from the database of a GameStop in Sweden. See the highlighted bits? They're four hardware bundles due next month for the still-unofficial 250GB version of the PS3.

There are four bundles: one for FIFA 10, one for Uncharted 2, one for Ratchet & Clank Future and one for Need For Speed: Shift. They're tentatively priced at 4499 Krona, which works out at around AU$750. As for the release date, they might be out October 2, they might be a little later, as retail system's aren't 100% reliable for that kind of thing.

Now, the games shown on this system differ from those rumoured earlier in the month. No big deal: there are always different deals going on across Europe, so these four games may well be offered in a bundle elsewhere, and the Assassin's Creed II and GT5 packs may well turn up in Scandinavia.


    But they WON'T be $750.

    How much is the slim?? $499?? Then this will retail i believe for around $599. Or $649 to be upset like they did with the PSPgo. Wouldn't cost Sony that much extra for the extra gigs. So an extra $100 is a hefty profit, if they make a profit from each system sold.

    Whats with the 250gb hdd? Microsoft is also pushing 250gb. Just whats so special about this number?

      What's so special about 37", 40", 42" LCD TV's?

      Sony/MS don't want to have the lower end of the stick when it comes to storage. Match the size then its even.

      Perhaps it comes down to manufacturing and price. MS/Sony don't MAKE the HDD themselves. They probably also look into how much content the average gamer downloads/needs. 250 is also more than double 120GB. It's not exactly double its not less than double, its a little more.

    Wait, r&c is a small game yet you're still paying a full price?

    sry i thought it was R&C Crack in Time

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