European Ghostbusters Release Slips Again

Thanks to a messy, silly publishing deal between Atari and Sony, Ghostbusters is only out in PAL territories on PS3 and PS2. All other versions have had to wait. And now, will be waiting even longer.

The 360, PC, DS and Wii versions were supposed to be out in October, but now won't be out until November 6. No reason was given for the extended delay.

Ghostbusters 360 slips to November [Eurogamer]


    Sony really had to go and f*ck this up so badly. I have talked to several of my mates who work in various EB's and Game stores and all have said the majority of people who had pre-ordered the 360 version had cancelled and given up hope on it.

    The fact that it is only PAL territories getting screwed is beyond me and i have absolutely no idea why Sony would pay money to keep it out - especially since anyone who cared about the game could have imported months ago.

    This just makes me dislike Sony, not want to buy their version of it.


    Atari must have a really good reputation in Australia right now!

      They have a terrible reputation especially amongst anyone who plays Lotro. I wouldn't trust Atari to distribute a plague in a hospital.

    Oh well,

    I'm so over this fucking game now. Big mistake for them to let Batman be released before IMO.

    Oh I see, so Microsoft screw PS3 owners over regularly - from cutting levels from Tomb Raider to turn into exclusive paid-for DLC, or securing Beatles songs as exclusive DLC for the new Rock Band, or spending millions to have MW2 levels on 360 a few weeks earlier, or having Fallout 3 DLC as a timed-exclusive etc etc etc - and that's fine, everyone says it's good business from Microsoft.

    But when Sony turn round and do the same thing, with one of their own IP's no less, suddenly Sony are the bad guys and are playing dirty and all the Xbox fanboys are crying into their Red Ring of Death about their version being delayed!

    Quite frankly Xbots should count themselves lucky they are getting it at all - if I was running Sony I would make damn sure one of it's most famous IP's was turned into a console exclusive from an internal studio (that would have done a much better job than the guys that did make it).

    If you want it that badly, buy a PS3...

      Do the current PS3's come with busty maidens that will feed me sour grapes by hand too?

      I -have- a PS3.

      I only want this game for achievements. :D

      And the point is that this game is not a massive seller. Sony probably didn't gain any commercial advantage from paying for exclusivity. All they've done is irked me.

    I still don't get why people are blaming Sony for the delay; its got NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM. They picked up THEIR versions to publish... why would they, in their right mind, publish a 360/Wii game? People should be pissed off at Atari, not Sony... they're the ones calling the shots.

      um ... Sony paid for exclusivity ... yes, the publishers/developers accepted their money. Hence the delay in the release of the game. Check the previous post which discusses Microsoft's need for exclusivity in order to sell consoles (which Sony has done in the past long before Microsoft had a console).

    Agreed, this has gone beyond the Sony C***-Block everyone thinks it is... Atari in Europe basically no longer exist, so that put all versions under pressure.

    Sony jumped in to 'save' their versions so they could market it with the release of Ghostbusters on Blu Ray.

    Still not sure what is going on with Atari though, as I'm hearing that Codemasters made Colin McRae Dirt 2, which Atari should be publishing... Sony Australia is at least doing their part again in making sure it hits AU shores...

    Well Sony and Atari can suck on it, I picked up a US copy off ebay earlier in the week. Gotta say I'm not feeling the love for local distribution.

    Glad I got my import, region free copy a few months back for $88 bucks!

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