Ex-Splatterhouse Developer BottleRocket Closes Its Doors

BottleRocket Entertainment, formerly the developers of Splatterhouse for Namco Bandai and responsible for the Mark of Kri series, is no more. Studio president Jay Beard announced BottleRocket's official demise today via e-mail.

Beard's statement on the closure notes that "after fighting to keep the doors open for the past six months we have decided to close and move on," putting an end to the studio's seven year history. The studio was previously working on a reboot of Namco Bandai's Splatterhouse before having the project pulled, leading to a handful of curt exchanges between BottleRocket staffers and Namco execs.

The studio was also rumoured to be working on a video game based on DC Comics' the Flash for Brash Entertainment before the publisher imploded.

Beard says in his e-mail that he is "now in the process of building a new development studio from the ground up" but did not expand upon those plans or whether BottleRocket staff would make the transition to that new studio.


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