Fat Princess Coming To Japan Minus Blood

Part of the charm of Fat Princess is how bloody drenched violence is contrasted with cute characters and cake. That charm, it seems, does not translate to the Japanese market.

The game, retitled Pocchari Princess ("Cubby Princess") for The Land of the Rising Sun, is getting a domestic Japanese release on the PSN and the PSP later this November. The trailer Sony is running on the title's official site is entirely blood-free. Pocchari Princess does carry a warning about violence — but, the actually blood letting appears to be censored as it often is for Japanese titles.

We are following up with Sony Computer Entertainment.

ぽっちゃり☆プリンセス [Official Site Thanks, Neer'mo!]


    They have rape games, yet cartoon violence is too terrible to put in a game?

    Yeah it's very strange indeed. Anime from Death Note to Code Geass, and manga such One Piece, Bleach and Naruto are all very violent. And I'm very sure kids watch both. What makes whoever regulates video games think that Fat Princess would be any worse than that?

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