Fez Will Effe With Your Mind

Game designer Phil Fish showed off his upcoming game Fez at the Austin Game Developer's Conference. It was the first live demo of the game.

Fish walk through some of the features we've seen before (2D game rotating through 3D space). However, game site Kombo reports that Fish did touch briefly on the plot line for the fez character hero named Gomez.

"So what you do in Fez is you collect cubes. There's a really important cube that explodes and you have to find all the pieces of it. Kind of like a triforce," Fish told the audience. "I don't want to spoil the story too much, it gets kind of metaphysical."

Not only metaphysical, but hard. According to Fish, the game had to be simplified somewhat so playtesters could even play through the game. They thought it was too hard. "I like to fuck with your mind," said Fish. Okay, then!

News: Austin GDC: Polytron's Phil Fish Shows Off Fez [Kombo]


    Why does it look like Jungle Jill?

      Oh my god Jungle Jill...best game ever!
      Flashbacks to my youth!!!

      Whoa, now that's a game that I spent a lot of time playing as a kid that I never even think of when reminiscing... thanks for the memory jog.

    I don't care. It just looks awesome.

    Impossibly hard is the new FUN!

      Isn't impossibly hard the OLD fun?

        WAS until Wii Sports came along.

        Now its back again!

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