Final Fantasy VIII Is On PSN In Japan Today

Forget Final Fantasy VII — eighth grade was all about Squall for me and nearly every other girl in my middle school. We thrived on his taciturn drama (so unwhiny, unlike Cloud!) and we worshipped mighty... uh, gunblade.

Anyway, you can get Final Fantasy VIII on PlayStation Network as of today. As in right now. As in, if you live in Japan and have access to PSN, seriously, what are you waiting for?

At Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference, the title was confirmed as a download for PlayStation 3 and for the PSP. However, no American PSN store plans were announced.


    come on! bring it to Aust. PSN!

    Taciturn drama? That's a generous description of an emo.

    The only good thing about FF8 for download is portable Triple Triad. Not worth playing through 50 hours of FF8 to get a good collection of cards to play with, though.

    i would so download it.

    if they gave us the option to skip the guardian force sequences which were the epic shit ten years ago.

    Here's hoping that if it gets released in the west, they redo the translation. Unlikely, though.

    FF8 was one of my favorites I hope we get it! But with PSN sucking arse at giving aus anything, I'm not holding my breath on this one.

    Forget FF8, give me PARASITE EVE (part one, I don't care about part two)

      What was wrong with part two? Mind you, I haven't played part one, but I still enjoyed part two...

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