Final Fantasy XIII Could Move Another Half Million PS3s In Japan

The Japanese release of Final Fantasy XIII might just do wonders for the PlayStation 3 in Japan, if the president of Famitsu publisher Enterbrain knows what he's talking about. A massive marquee game moving consoles? What you talkin' 'bout, Hamamura?

Look, that's what Enterbrain prez Hirokazu Hamamura said at today's Foreign Correspondents' Club of Japan, according to Bloomberg Japan. And it doesn't seem unreasonable, considering the PlayStation 3 just sold 150,000-plus units on the strength of a price drop and the release of yet another Gundam game.


    I can imagine it would be like that in Japan. Don't think it would move that many consoles in the west. Especially with the destain many have for the newer FF titles.

    Half a million consoles in a week? Or Half a million over a period of weeks/months during FFXIII release?

    FF is BIG in Japan. But i don't think big enough to move 500,000 in a WEEK of a console thats still the most expensive.

    In japan... Dragon Quest and final Fantasy are serious bussiness.

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