Final Fantasy XIII Release Date Confirmed

Square Enix confirmed tonight at a Japanese press event that Final Fantasy XIII will indeed be out on December 17. Least, that's when it'll be out in Japan.

The date isn't a surprise - not after it was accidentally leaked by Square on the company's YouTube site - but still, it's nice to get confirmation.

It's priced at ¥8800 (¥9240 with tax), which works out to be USD$95 (USD$100). So, yeah, expensive.


    You think thats exspensive, try buying games in Australia. Most new release titles are $100+.

      It's a sad thing for us Aussies to look at that price and just think, "So what?". Thing's bound to come in at around AU$120 when it shows up on our shores.

      $100 RRP. (or sometimes $110 RRP) but who sells them for that price? No one except EB Games really.

      Game sometimes and JB have the rare title selling at that amount. But couldn't even list the last game i purchased at more than $90 brand new.

      Most new releases are at $89 in AUS. Some are even at $79 two or three weeks after their release. Especially at stores like Kmart, Big W or Target and only for say a week. But yeah, hardly ever do they sell for RRP.

      And for an American version of a game to be priced at $95 US is just ridiculous. They are usually around $65 when we pay around $90. So this is going to be insane in Australia anyway. For a STANDARD edition.

      Not worth it. There are plenty of other games that look and will be better than Final Fantasy and sell more. MW2 and ODST included. Assassin's Creed 2 looks better than that crap.

    Just buy an import copy. With the speculation about interest rates going up (and they probably will rise in October/November) the Australian dollar will be very strong against all the major currencies.

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