Final Fantasy XIII TGS Trailer, Now In English

The Final Fantasy XIII Trailer from TGS sure was epic, no? Pity for us English-speakers it was all in Japanese. Not so this trailer, which has been thoughtfully subtitled for your viewing pleasure.

If only Square Enix's localisation teams worked this fast...


    If it's one thing about Final Fantasy, it's i totally do NOT understand it on any sort of level.

    It's such a confusing franchise. But i would hardly call this a trailer. Its good - but it turns out to be a trailer at the beginning and then gameplay footage preview - and then some spoiler that shows some in-game cutscene with majority of the storyline built in.

    But the cutscenes are nice. I don't understand why they always release it in Japan first - do they need that extra time to make it in English. Is adding English text that hard??

      I guess it escapes you that the trailer was shown at the TOKYO game show. Add to the fact that Squeenix is a rather JAPANESE company and guess what, you have a JAPANESE trailer.

      When you have 5 years worth of dev into a game, it would take at least a year to localise it into another language especially for text/dialogue heavy game. And if you are under the impression that it's just a translating job, think again. There's the marketing, the voice acting, some countries might get sensitive with symbologies *cough*germany*cough* and more.

      Also if it's a confusing franchise, maybe it helps that none of the games are related to the others?

        A DUH!

        I didn't want to turn my comment into an essay. I'm no developer but i do realize it is alot of work. I just find it weird that even to this day, in modern gaming days, a game like Final Fantasy is still being developed primary in Japanese and English is delayed. But i suppose not even Game Devs can do two things at once.

        Also, if it helps, you come across stupid when telling someone Final Fantasy games aren't related to others.

    The graphic is absolutely beautiful, especially the hairs! Just wow! Thanks for putting the subtitle, because I am deaf :)

    very dramatic trailer... Especially the ending...

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