Finally, Some Responsible In-Game Ads

You mention "in-game ads", people get shirty. Don't like the fact they're being sold stuff within something they already bought. But there's less ground for complaint with in-game ads bought for a good purpose.

The Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, a state in Australia's south-east, have signed a contract with Massive—the Microsoft-owned in-game advertising provider—courtesy of which they'll beam their creepy anti-speeding commercials into the homes of the TAC's target audience: young Australian males.

The ads will appear in Guitar Hero 5 but, more importantly, in Forza 3 as well.

The TAC are famous not just in Australia, but throughout the world, for their insistence on promoting road safety via graphic, violent TV commercials and billboards. So it'll be interesting to see how the ads go down in Forza, a game about... driving really, really fast.

Below is one of the TAC's more notable efforts, from a few years back. Be warned; it's a little rough.

Video games to get local road safety ads [The Australian]


    I've seen TAC billboards in Guitar Hero 3, Skate 2 and Rainbow 6. They often are just the simple black background and white text, I really hope they re-evaluate their aim as the text on some of them was quite obscure (eg: "Dead End") which I can only assume makes sense in combination with other channels (TV, print, radio) which completely contradicts the point of reaching an unexposed audience. In Guitar Hero the billboards are seen briefly in the background or at the start of a song as the camera moves in on a stadium crowd - I've seen them appear with just the TAC logo on them, how pointless is that?!

    This is an important ad. It succesfully gets the message across to me that I should be driving at 60 kilometers an hour on suburban roads, amirite?

    Bloody ads like this give me the shits.

    In Race Driver GRID some tracks have anti speeding ads for the NSW RTA with nasty pics of crashes, but not only am I in bloody QLD! but the reason I play racing games is because I don't want to street race or speed on the roads and ads like that just make the game less fun.

    If I wanted to see people dieing I would watch the history channel!

      here here

      If a racing game is rated PG, and then they place ads in the game with that show pics of crashes, wouldn't that alter the rating of the game?

      I mean pictures of crashes that show people being injured/killed.

    Forza is about driving really really fast in a controlled environment, on a racing circuit. It's not about driving like a dickhead. In fact Forza punishes you for driving like a dickhead, with time penalties.

    The TAC ads are targetting dickheads that do stupid stuff and speed on public roads. Their ads would be better off in a game like Need For Speed and games that encourage stupid driving on roads with traffic.

    People that enjoy racing games on racing circuits (not public streets) are not necessarily hoons.

    I think many are missing the point. The TAC are placing their advertisements in games, plural. NOT just in Forza. The TAC want to get their message out to everyone and have chosen very popular titles to put there advertisements in. Gamers should be chuffed that the TAC know their ads will be seen through our choice of media.

    These advertisements are a form of education which could save a life of a loved one or yourself. It's a pity as it's usually the ignorant that cause accidents like the one above.

    This ad certainly highlights to me the reality and tragedy that happens every day, of the senseless waste of pizza in our community.

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