"Fly Gabe Newell" Raises $3000

A modder's fund drive to call Gabe Newell's joke bluff, and fly the Valve boss plus a producer to Australia to preview his Left 4 Dead campaign, has surpassed $US3000 in less than a week. Pack your bags, Mr. Newell.

The backstory: Joe W-A of Brisbane is a serious modder, working on this custom Left 4 Dead campaign, "Shotgun Sunrise." He's also pals with Newell. So Joe jokingly feigned disappointment that Newell didn't fly him up to Valve HQ to preview Left 4 Dead 2, which Valve did earlier for the leaders of the L4D2 boycott movement. Newell's joking reply was a "boycott" of Joe's campaign, and then the demand that Joe fly him and producer Erik Johnson to Australia if he wanted them to preview it.

Somehow, this premise netted more than $US3000 in donations through Saturday, when Joe announced the drive had breached its target. While he's offered to return donations should any of this be called off, the sum now is so serious that "I'm assuming you don't want refunds, and the money will go to either Gabe and Erik's flights or [the charity]Child's Play."

When he got about $US500 in on the first day, Joe emailed Newell to ask for a price quote. Newell replied with a $US1211 figure on Qantas, connecting through L.A. "So Erik and I aren't too much in danger," Newell said. Not so fast, my friend.

So the ball is in Valve's court here. Whatever happens, we've all had a great laugh - some of Valve's employees even donated to the cause. And whether it ends with pictures of Gabe Newell and Erik Johnson in a 19-year-old modder's home across the Pacific Ocean, playing Left 4 Dead, or a handsome donation to a worthy cause, we can stamp "win" all over this.

Just Waiting on Gabe and Erik's Responses [Fly Gabe Newell]


    But... whos the troll in this?!?!

    I admit when I first heard about this I rolled my eyes. I'm mmore than happy to eat humble pie. Great work to you sir, let's see Gabe keep his word. Plus excellent idea for donating to Childsplay. To quote my favorite A-team leader... "I love it when a plan comes together!" oh and thanks for a great start to a dreary Monday!!!

    Lets hope the mod is any good

    If Gabe and co do come to Aus, it will be so awesome. Seriosuly valve are so down to earth and u can tell with stunts like this and flying the boy cotters, that they listen and care about their fans.

    One of the few Developers, that can truthfully claim to have a fanbase

    What would be good is for Gabe to eat humble pie, make the trip at Valve's expense with the money still donated to Child's Play.

    Or if it doesn't happen then have Valve match the donations to Child's Play.

      +1 Gabe and Erik should come, pay for their own flights and donate the monies raised to charity..

    Ions, I agree that would be nice to see. He's not compelled to do it, but it would be a good token gesture. The hospital near where I live, the Mater Hospital in Brisbane, I've worked there as a Wardsman and as a Carpark attendant. The Mater benefits from Childs Play. They had 8 DS's donated and I believe a couple of Wii's for the kids wards along with a slew of games and controllers. I've seen kids in the Emergency ward using the DS's and it's a great way for them to take their minds off where they are, rather than sitting around looking at the truly sick and in pain children. My own son stands around the few times we've had to go in, with a crowd craning to see someone complete a level in Mario Kart DS, waiting for his turn. It's exactly the same as the old days in the arcades for me in the 80s/90s (Im 31 lol).

    I've also been up to one of the wards and seen the kids using a Wii, even the bed ridden ones are able to move the wiimote with their hands, and if they can't they still get a kick out of watching it. Initially it's heartbreaking until you realise that their attentions off why they're in there, and focusing on sharing and having fun.

    So yeah it would be great if they could, Childsplay is the one charity that's for the kids and has a direct interest in what the kids like. So I do hope they end up benefitting from this in any possible way.

    If you think about it, it hasn't surpassed it by much, I mean buying two or three seats is going to cost a fair amount.

    Can't wait till Gabe gets to Brissy, we should all go to Jo Jo's in Queen Street and have beers

      Jay: I'm in if you can convince him lol, I'm just over at Forest Lake, the cities but a 30 minute drive!

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