Forza 3: So Many Ferraris

It's Ferrari week at, with Microsoft and Turn 10 showcasing the 29 different models of the legendary Italian sports cars, along with a new original track set along the scenic Amalfi Coast.

The only thing I could really tell you about Ferraris is the fact that I will never own one. It's not because I couldn't afford one (I couldn't), but rather I couldn't afford the worry of owning one. No one is going to steal my broken 1996 Nissan Sentra, and if they did they wouldn't get far.

These new screens represent just a selection of the Ferraris showing up in Forza Motorsport 3, with more showing up each day this week at, with "surprises" in store for those who keep up with the latest updates there. Oooo, surprises!


    Why can't next month hurry up and arrive!? Want this game so bad...

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