Game On The Big Screen In Federation Square


For a LunchTimeWaster that you can go outdoors for, head on down to Melbourne’s Federation Square this Sunday for some street racing – iPhone style.

To mark the launch of CityGT, a free new driving game for the iPhone, members of the public will be able to bring their iPhones along to Federation Square and hook it up to the big screen, where they can then use it as a steering wheel to navigate through the metropolis of CityGT.

The event kicks off at 11am and goes to 2pm, and iPhones will be provided for those who haven’t yet converted to the Apple side.

Where: Federation Square, Melbourne When: 11am-2pm, September 6 Website:

If anyone is heading down there, let us know how it goes!


    Yeah, it was AWESOME!!

    time travel huh?


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