Gameloft Brings Halo-esque N.O.V.A. To IPhones

Publisher Gameloft is bringing Hal... err, N.O.V.A. to Apple's iPhone, a sci-fi first-person shooter that we're going to say is the developer's best clone of a wildly successful game to date.

N.O.V.A. was shown for the first time today at Apple's "It's Only Rock And Roll" event, evoking thoughts of Halo familiarity from our liveblogging brothers at Gizmodo. It's not an unsuccessful formula for Gameloft apparently, which published Modern Combat: Sandstorm and Gangster for the iPhone this year, which look a lot like iPhone ports of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Grand Theft Auto, respectively.


    FPS just doesn't work on a touch screen, stop making these things.

    I Fucking hate gameloft. At first, when they made a licensed port from DS to Iphone of Assassins Creed, it was good. But now, if you look at their games, every single one is a cheap rip off.

    Castle of Magic, Gangstar, Modern Combat, Real Tennis, Hero of Sparta, Brain Challenge, Guitar Rock Tour, Guitar Rock Tour 2, Rise of Lost Empires, DJ Mix Tour.

    Ripping off Mario, GTA, COD4, Virtua Tennis, God of War, DS Brain Training, Guitar Hero 4 and Rock Band, and again, Rise of Nations meets Age of Empire, DJ Hero. Respectively.

    Can someone PLEASE sue them.

      I totally agree, that is really bad. But I'm not completely against the idea of games copying other games, some great games have copied others. I just wish people would see that these are total rip-offs and wouldn't give Gameloft the satisfaction of buying the game.

    Guys they may be complete rip offs but they are still the best games on iPod and technically they are not rip of of cod they are rip offs of the first ever fps I own bothe sandstorm and gangstar west coast and they are both fun games that gameloft has put a lot of efffort into so don't out them down cause they May look the same but rather look at what is good in them which coincidentally is a lot cause they both rule and I can't w8 for nova in Australia.

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