Gaming's Slingbox Backed By $1M Funding

Announced earlier this week, Spawn Labs version of the Slingbox for gamers is backed by $US1 million in Series A round funding, according to the Austin Business Journal.

Spawn Labs' HD-720 is a set-top box that plugs into your console and allows you to play streamed console video games over Wi-Fi via your PC laptop anywhere in the world.

The box will sell for $US200.

The Journal reports that a financing deal with Trailblazer Capital will be used to fund the companies manufacturing and salaries for six full-time workers.

Spawn Labs launches first gaming product


    Won't there be a fair bit of lag, considering the image has to come from the console, enter the box, travel across the interwebs, enter your laptop and then appear. While the inputs have to come after you see the image, and do the journey in reverse.

    I'm skeptical.

    I was thinking the same.

    Do not want in the first place... If I'm out of the home, it's usually for a reason, work, holiday, anything else... so I'm not probably wanting to play games...

    and besides, spending all that money, can it change discs! :p

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