Gears Of War's Imulsion Canned, Available On Earth

Imulsion, the glowy resource at the heart of all things Gears of War, has been canned, laced with sugar and preservatives, and put on sale in the United States for $US2.99 a pop.

The drinks—of which, sadly, we have no nutritional information—are put out by Boston America, who are also the guys behind the Street Fighter energy drinks you may have seen doing the rounds.

Kotaku's Night Desk would gladly chug these down by the case in an attempt to stave off naptime, were it not for the fact we've seen what happens to those exposed to too much Imulsion, and to be honest, glowing yellow veins clash with the colour of our sneakers.

Bonus treat: check out the drink's Amazon page, which is able to sum up the Gears of War fanbase better than words could ever hope.

Gears of War [Boston America]


    You can also get it at a shop called Minotaur in the Melbourne CBD, but it's something like $7 a can.

      God i love that shop... so overpriced though...

    You can buy this also in the Adelaide CDB in Shin Tokoyo. I am a HUGE Gow fan but I think I will stick to Jolt Cola.

    They do realize there isn't a new Gears game out. Doesn't this crap usually come out during a games launch. Idiots

    anyone know if you can get this in NSW...want to get some for sure

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