Get A Good Look At Sony's PS3 Motion Controller

Ever since it was first announced, Sony's motion controller has been kept out of the public eye. No product renders, no press shots and it's always shown with someone's hand covering most of it. But not today.

No, here's a good, proper look at the thing itself. Lights, buttons, PS button, the works. Not so horrible now, is it? Though that lightbulb could do with some work. Or hiding.

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    Kinda looks like a 'personal massager'...

    You mean that blue thing isn't just an oddly placed background decoration but is really part of the controller? Looks rather nasty, it'll be like you're frantically waving around a night-light

    are you kidding?! the lightbulb is the best thing ever!

    They can't hide the bulb because they use it with the camera to find it's position.

    Anyone feel like a nickname the motion controller competition?,
    "SoGlobe" ftw!
    Also, i hope it's got a trigger on it somewhere :)

    So this is more light sensoring? I don't actually know what the Wii uses for its sensor bar but i don't believe it's light that detects the remote.

    They fail to show two controllers - i know they said you only "need" one controller but we all know you actually need two to properly play a game.

    The wii sensor-bar emits IV rays for the Wiimote to work out where it is. The sensorbar doesn't actually sense anything at all. It can even be replaced by a candle.

    The Wii remote uses a camera to sense infrared light emitted by the 'sensor bar' (which actually has no sensors).

    The PS3 system works in the opposite direction by using a camera to sense the controller.

    Kind of interesting how the three different motion control systems are being implemented. I wonder which system will turn out to be the most effective for general gaming usage...

      WOW.. the Wii is really misleading hey!

      Your questioning of which technology out of the three will be most effective for gaming.. well i'm saying PS3 even though i don't have plans (as yet) to get the PS3 one but do have plans to get Natal.

      Natal, since it doesn't have controls, im still a bit weary about. But i play my Xbox the most and will probably give it a crack. I think in terms of AI/gaming engines for Natal - that will be superior. I believe it has a lot of potential to introduce different sort of games and genres not created yet.

      However from demos of the PS3 Wand, the controls seem so easy to use compared to using the Wiimote. I mean everything down to how accurate the PS3 Motion Controllers can be. I think that will benefit a lot of games and will work well with games already released or games created for the Motion Controls but are similar to already released games. Like RPGs or FPS's.

      Either way, we are far from the release of MS & Sonys toys & are also yet to see any real games announced or demoed for them. Time will tell...

        One way to think about it is that with the Wii, the sensor bar needs to stay within the field of view of the wiimote's camera. In contrast the PS3 motion control system requires that you keep the wand within the camera sitting on top of your TV.

        One feature that falls out from this is that you can point the wand away from the TV (provided the ball is still visible) and still have its position tracked. With the Wii system, it has to rely solely on the accelerometers in these cases.

        Another is that the individual controllers could be cheaper since they only need a light for position tracking rather than a camera. And since you only need a single camera, you could potentially use a higher quality one without increasing the overall cost for a multi-controller setup.

    That looks like a microphone. It's gonna be perfect for dishing out motion sensing hits on Singstar!

    Wonder how much batteries it will take?

      I guarantee the batteries will be built in like with the standard dualshock.

    Man the japanese are going to make so effed up videogames with this thing...

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