Get Tales Of Monkey Island Free On Talk Like A Pirate Day

Telltale Games and LucasArts have teamed up to make this year's Talk Like a Pirate Day (September 19—same day as Rosh Hashanah) memorable with a free download of Tales of Monkey Island, Episode One.

The giveaway goes on all day on the 19th, but through the 21st of September, they're also giving gamers 50% off on the iPhone, Steam and Direct2Drive special editions of The Secret of Monkey Island. Hit 'em up here come Talk Like a Pirate Day for the free stuff.

And for the record, I did try to write this entire post in pirate speak, but it caused me physical pain. If you want to take a crack at it below, I'll award 10 to the would-be pirate translator who doesn't make my head explode.

Tales of Monkey Island, Episode Three is on the way September 29.


    Ahoy! If ye be a sprog t' th' Tales o' Monkey Island, Telltale Games an' LucasArts be havin' teamed up t' offer ye some fine booty. Episode One will be comin' broadside, for not but a single piece o' eight, for this year’s Talk Like a Gentleman o' Fortune Day (Septembree 19 — same tide as Rosh Cigaranah).

    Th' offer stands for all o' the 19th, but through th' 21st, they’re also givin' buccaneers 50% off on th' iPhone, Steam an' Direct2Drive special editions o' Th' Secret o' Monkey Island, arr. Ye best be sailin' yer Furner to [their port], come th' 19th.

    If ye be havin' a fierce fire in yer belly for more swashbucklin', Tales o' Monkey Island, Episode Three be on th' way Septembree 29. Gar.

      award 10 what?

        Yes, the whole 10..

    Bugger, I bought Secret of Monkey Island last week for full price.

    Ah well, at least Tales of Monkey Island is free :D

    Th' scurvy dogs at Telltale Games and LucasArts have set sail to deliver some delicious booty to ye on 'Talk Like Normal Day' (the nineteenth sun of the ninth moon—the same date as the Jewish New Ye-arr). What is it, ye may ask? Yarr, it be the first adventure of Tales of Monkey Island

    Th' booty be available from sun up to sundown on the 19th, but through the 21st of the moon, they also be giving tharr 50% off on the aye-aye-Phone, Steam and DirectTarDrive bootylicious editions of Tharr Secret of Monkey Island. Come hither then to recieve yarr booty! Pillage it before it walks the planks!

    Tales of Monkey Island, Episode Three be settin' sail on the 29th sun of the ninth moon.

      Awesome! I thought the first one was best but... after some thought I go with you! Hope you win!

    uh...correct me if im wrong, but (from what i can see) on steam you can only purchase all 5 chapters at a bulk price of $34.99, so even if you do download this free version, you kinda pay for it later if you get the other chapters :S

    A promotion that's only valid on Sep 19th and announced on Sep 18th? That too, on a Friday?

    Telltale games are you only targetting super-mega-ultimate hardcore gamers with nothing else to do?

    This promotion was managed very badly, IMO

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