Giant PSP Turns Up On Vegas Strip

Sony removes one giant PSP in New York, and puts a new one up outside New York, New York. As in the Las Vegas casino. Sharp-eyed reader xRIOT spotted this while wandering the strip recently. Another pic on the jump.


    Shouldn't they use a PSPgo? I know the normal PSP is still gonna be around, but would kinda make more sense considering this is new and the PSPgo is just being released & all...

    I was in Las Vegas just over a year ago and that PSP was there. Well, it mightn't have been the same one, but it was in that exact spot.

    Pfft, I was on my honeymoon in Vegas in December 2006, and it was there then.....

    Yeah I was there earlier this year (May) and it was there, same colour and all..

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