God Of War Collection Cover: God Of War God Of War God Of War

Here's the cover to the remastered editions of God of War, due later this year on PS3. Are you aware that these are two God of War games? Really, Sony, four God of War logos might be a bit much.


    My PS2 died long before God of War came out and I was happier with the XBOX anyway. Maybe this release will allow me to finally play the games whilst dusting off my PS3 at the same time.

    Hello, my name's Sony..
    For all you out there intending to buy this...picture anal penetration as that is what I'm effectively doing to you and shall do again with future PS2 blu ray releases.
    For all of you out there with a 1st gen PS3..FUCK YOU! Using your old games on a new system.. for free! How dare you..
    Thanks for your time & stay tuned for future re-releases (Don't forget your wallet!)

      That one line *remastered in high definition* makes ALL the difference. Day 1 purchase for me, no question.

      Sure I'd love backwards compatibility, but this case is not a straight up re-release. There's even trophy support. If you're not a fan, certainly vote with your wallet, but this is GOOD NEWS to many - even if they had backwards compatability, this would still be something worth looking at.

      Having never purchased or played God of War originally, I was always keen to give it a go.

      Having to get out my PS2 and play it with blocky graphics and a wired controller didn't interest me either.

      I'll pay for it once, and play a better looking version than on the PS2. My butt is quite safe...

    i have 60gb ps3 that can play ps2 games, and i could get both of those on ps2 for $20 all up, but im not. im gonna get that! who cares about backwards compatibility. if you REALLY want to play ps2 games, then get a ps2. this will make the epic-ness of god of war even better

    lets hope they let us buy it here the MGS collection didn't come :(

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