God Of War Collection Not Confirmed For Australia

That God Of War Collection announced yesterday for PS3 isn't yet confirmed to make it to Australia, Sony told me this morning.

It seems the high-def re-release of God Of War 1&2 bundled together on one Blu-ray disc is for North America only... at least for now.

When asked about the Collection, Sony Computer Entertainment Australia told me this morning:

"In regards to yesterdays God of War announcement out of the US yesterday, we are looking at the viability of making God of War I and II available to play on PS3 in Australia and will provide further information in due course."

There's still a couple of months before the US launch, so—fingers crossed—we'll be able to import a copy buy a local release around the same time.


    The PS3 is region free, I dont see why it matters if "they" release it or not.

      Exactly. It doesn't matter if "they" release it or not as with PS3 games being region free you can just import it. Actually, at US$40 plus maybe US$10 for shipping that'd work out at around A$62.50 which would probably be cheaper than the release we'd get here anyway so no matter what importing would be the recommendation.

      Actually dude, some games & blu-rays are region encoded. Doubt they'd do it for this title but it does exist.

        We're the same Region as Europe for Blu-Ray, worse case scenario is you get shipped from the UK.

        Some blurays are region locked true. There have been zero region locked PS3 games. It's one of the distinguishing features of the PS3 platform.

        Bluray regioning is part of the Bluray video specification. Games are distributed on Bluray, but they're not video, so they don't have the same regioning restrictions.

        Just like a normal PC DVD doesn't have a region, but a DVD movie does (unless your DVDs are supplied by terrorists :P).

      It would be nice to not have to go through the trouble of importing though.

    "we are looking at the viability of making God of War I and II available to play on PS3 in Australia"

    I'm really hoping that doesn't mean that the US version of this will be region locked. I mean, I know they can do it, but are there currently any PS3 games that are region locked?

      I'm fairly sure they won't region lock it as it seems to be "their" policy not to.
      Just look at Rock Band; that was exclusive to the US for nearly a year(or a long time) and while they could've region locked it to prevent people importing they didn't, so my estimated guess is that they wont.

    Cool, another reason to pick up a Slim now...never played these so it'll be good to give em a go now.

    Either way, Im sure we'll be able to get it somehow.

    Maybe because it's a PS2 port it will retain region locking?

    Retarded I know...

    Better bloody be able to get this!
    Import or not I dont care I want it!

    Sony must bring GoW Collection to Australia or I will cry!!!

    I was planning on buying the old PS2 versions to see what God of War was all about so this collection would be sweet. Importing it would be a small pain in the arse so I hope it comes out here. Especially for the people who don't know how to/don't know that they can/don't want to/can't import games.

    What? Australia not getting something the US gets? This is a new concept...

    As said, if it doesn't come here (likely), we can import it.

    You know what... after the whole Rock Band incident here in Australia (it took almost 12 months to get a local release), I don't care any more.

    Ill import it, one way or another.

    mines apparently in mascot according to ups shouldnt be to long till it arrives, thankyou playasia.com

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