Got Red Baron Source Code? It's Worth $US1500

Red Baron fans, if you have the complete source code to that game, Red Baron II or Red Baron 3D, the series creator is offering a $US1500 bounty if you can deliver it.

The announcement was made "in an effort to bring these games back to life," as Mad Otter Games, home of Red Baron creator Damon Slye, recently acquired all rights to the three PC games. The announcement notes that "complete source code does *not* mean assembly. Original C or C++ please!"

Not sure if that's $US1500 per game, or if all they want is the code to one of the games. Mad Otter also didn't specify what it intends to do with the rights or the code.

World War I air combat sims might seem like a tight niche, but they have a devoted following. And, as Mad Otter points out, Red Baron was once cited as the No. 4 best PC game of all time.

Acquisition Alert! [Mad Otter Games via Shacknews]


    A truly awesome game was Red Baron.

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