Gran Turismo 5 Is 65% Complete, But FFXIII Is Nearly Done

So the official magazine you can pick up at the Tokyo Game Show not only lists every game on the floor, but some important details on those games. Like, how far they are from completion.

Now, note that these are just estimates, no doubt thrown together by publishers and the show's organisers to give people a rough idea how far off the games are. So they're not hard science.

But still! It's interesting to note the progress listed for some of these games. Gran Turismo 5, for example? Despite rumours that it's due this holiday season, it's only listed as being 65% done.

Final Fantasy XIII, on the other hand, is sitting pretty a 90%. Other notable games listed are:

Okamiden: 25% Lost Planet 2: 70% Valkyria Chronicles 2: 70% Yakuza 4: 65% The Last Guardian: ? Crackdown 2: ? Alan Wake: ? Halo Reach: ? Final Fantasy XIV: 50% Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker: 50% God of War III: 60% Heavy Rain: 50%


    GT5 at 65%? That works out to be another 312 more Skylines left to be put into the game! OH THE HUMANITY

    Or another 3 years in development...

    That pretty much says 2010 release for GT5 then!

    I would like to see Metal Gear Sold: Rising on the list! Peace Walker i believe was in dev before hand but that should at least be at the 30% stage. I dont think ive seen a date for it but it could be 2010 Holiday or 2011 March-April like MGS4.

    Halo:Reach, well considering Bungie are at work already on their new IP that is untitled or unannounced technically, that means that they've done majority (50%) of Reach for some of the team to be starting the new IP. Especially if Reach is due next year and only announced this year.

    Alan Wake - im pretty sure we had an article on here about how far its along. I thought it was something like 70%. Its meant to be due sometime early next year, before Fall/Autumn.

    Heavy Rain is a surprise. They said thats getting a near release and its only approx at 50%. Geeeez. As for Crackdown i expect a 50% or close to it. I reckon that will get a 2010 Holiday release.

    If GT is only at 65% then that means a 2011 release? We could have FORZA 4 by then.

    how long do they need to make a game? the demo came out ages ago. we'll be comparing it to forza 4 by the time it comes out.

    At the Sony event at TGS they apparently said March 2010 for GT5 release

    Only 65% complete?
    But Sony have said its to be released March 2010.
    If its only 65% complete its got at least another couple of years to go.

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