Gran Turismo 5: March 2010

During an SCEJ press event this afternoon at the Tokyo Game Show, Sony finally announced a release date for Gran Turismo 5. And it's not in 2009.

The game will be out in Japan in March 2010. Which is still months away. A shame, we know, but then, GT fans have been waiting years for this. They can wait a little longer.

Only the Japanese date was revealed. If any info on a Western release pops up, we'll let you know.


    Shift just got a few more sales on PS3 I imagine!

    Epic fail. Off to buy Dirt 2...

      Dude, that doesn't make any sense at all.

      You're going to buy Dirt 2, a pseudo-rally game with sod-all good cars and the attitude of a bodacious dude to tide you over 'til GT5 hits? That's kinda like saying "I'll buy Wolfenstein 'cause Modern Warfare 2 isn't out yet". Do yourself a favour and try NFS SHIFT.

        It does make sense, just not in the way where Forza 3 and GT5 are alike but Dirt 2 doesn't quite fit right into the picture.


        I know other peoples tastes may seem fairly confusing to you, but I have played NFS and thought it was crap.

        Bodacious dude? you a f*ckin ninja turtle or something?

    quite frankly this is bull... what happened to the big speech at E3 that 'the game is at a point where we can release any day'i love GT, its what turned me on to gaming but i am getting sick and tired of Yamauchi San's crap

    Knew it. And they are stupid if they make the Western release a month or so apart. Fair enough with Final Fantasy cause thats just stupid Jap decisions thats been happening since the franchise began - but GT5 - NO WAY! It will sell MORE in Western World than there.

    so what if the game has a 1000 cars, most of them no one wants to drive anyway, i mean seriously what is the point of driving a 1.1lt 30HP car around Laguna seca ? Only 20 tracks? okay, they are in different layouts but Suzuka in 3 versions is still Suzuka. and then the infernal Licence tests, i have owned every GT game, i think i know how to stop or take a simple corner without wrecking my wheels

      The 1000 cars is so that the game will satisfy every fanboy ie You want Lancer Evo specII...ooh sorry theres only specIII = sad gamer.

      Thank about that.

    it's official GT5 is now an EPIC FAIL!

      Epic Fail?

      I don't see how you have come to that conclusion, but hey you're entitled to your opinion.

      Really though, if anyone thought this game was going to be released this year, you obviously don't know Polyphony or Gran Turismo that well.

      I for one am happy that it's coming out in March next year. Gives me time to play NFS Shift and Forza 3.

    I think it's cos they got yelled out for announcing it'd come with the 250GB PS3 at Christmas.

    Next March makes a bit more sense cos by then people would have forgot, even if they get it for Christmas.

    Plus all the big-gish games are out March 2010

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