Gran Turismo 5 (Probably) Getting Simultaneous Worldwide Release

Polyphony Digital boss Kazunori Yamauchi has revealed that, if the stars align and the moon is in the seventh house, Gran Turismo 5 will be given a simultaneous worldwide release.

This would be a first for the series, whose last outing—GT5 Prologue—was released in the US four months after it was out in Japan.

Speaking with Multiplayer, Yamauchi said that "its release is not too far away - it will be after the PSP GT release - and, most likely, it will be a simultaneous worldwide release".

If you can handle a bit of Italian (or Japanese!), the full interview is below.

Gran Turismo - Videointervista a Kazunori Yamauchi [Multiplayer via 1UP and GTPlanet]


    I've said this before about GT5 and I will again.

    How long can everyone hold their breath?
    This time I lasted 2mins 17secs.

    Umm and why wouldn't they. Sometimes with games, they release them at different times because of marketing and promotion of the title. Its the same in music and movies.

    But GT5 is POPULAR. Umm last i heard, Prologue was the best selling game on PS3, which means GT5 will beat that.

    It's one of the most well known racing franchises, probably after Need for Speed and before Forza, even though Forza is the shit! (I'm looking forward to both with Dirt 2 in between).

    So releasing it at different times (weeks or months apart) is stupid and wrong. GT5 needs do special promotion for a special region. SIMULTANEOUS WORLD RELEASE ALL THE WAY!

    A worldwide release date of "never" is still never...?

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