Gran Turismo 5's Crash Damage In Action

Here's a good clip showing Gran Turismo 5's damage modelling, a first for the series. Collisions and crashes still look way too bouncy, but at least now you've got something to show for them.


    Finally, this is what we've been waiting for. Good on ya, Polyphony! :D

      Looks kinda crap. Very basic, last gen sort of damage system there. Didn't seem to be any body deformations or scratches, dynamic or hardcoded.

      You would hope for more considering the length of time this has been in development and the available hardware.

    That is very week damage.

      You need to flip it on its back and attack the weak point for maximum damage.

    I agree with the above post. The damage is weak. Especially for how long its been in development and how other games have handled damage such as Dirt/2.

    I love gran turismo but was hoping for a bit more in the damage, maybe it was just a bad video.

    :( I wish they didn't spend their time implementing this. Sure it's nice, but GT is about the racing, not the pretty crash effects.

      You purists forget that crashing IS part of racing.

      For christs sake, NASCAR is in GT5; the only reason people watch NASCAR is because of the crashes!

      No longer will people be able to recover from mistakes so easily, especially in rally and on tighter tracks with trees and walls.

      How ever, they may as well keep damage out of the game if it's going to look like that. Why is the door bloody opening? If anything it should get jammed shut.

    Honestly, it does it's job without going too far. I'm not a big fan of the Gran Turismo series, but this seems okay. Really, in a game like this, it's not about the damage, it's about the overall experience.

    Still, since I don't have a PS3, it's not like it's going to effect me!

    Alright, I'll point out a few things people must be overlooking. First, this game is now delayed till March, so this isn't finished product. Second, the Subaru is the only car I've seen so far with Damage Modelling applied to it, so we don't know how it's going to affect different cars. Thirdly, Dirt2 doesn't look this good. Dirt is still too cartoony.

      In terms of how long this game has been in development, 6 months is nothing. Also in terms of the game development life cycle, such a feature would be in a game before the last 6 months. If crash damage isn't ready, they would show off a build without it, not a build with a crappy version in place to avoid the very conversation that is taking place now.

      Unless gross mismanagement has taken place, and I concede that is a possibility, we would be seeing more of a dynamic damage than we are if we were to see more. Given the number of cars going into this game, having static damaged models of every car would be impractical and very expensive. It would be much more practical to have a dynamic system, which this is to a point, but doesn't display any key indicators that other features are even being worked on.

      A dynamic damage system will work the same way with each car, a static wont. This is what currently exists for this car and every other I am afraid.

        I was under the impression only the rally cars will be able to be damaged...?

        I have read something about only 'normal' cars can be damaged. My guess is that means that turn off damage on cars they couldn't get damage rights for whether it be because of the cost of those rights or a flat refusal by manufactures.

    It's crash damage which we've wanted but it's done badly. Though with the recent announcement of the March 2010 release date, they'll have six months to read the negative feedback and fix it.

    NFS SHIFT looks way better.

      Hell, the Forza demo is out, and it IS better.

    Okay it looks good, no Polyphony Digital are doing a great job, the game is going to own !!! all these games you quote as being better are appalling examples... GT5 doesn't have a rival.. its the god damn (console) benchmark morons

    Damage is pathetic, seriously, only the bumpers and doors are effected. I'll be sticking with Forza 3, the better simulation.

      Forza is hardly a simulation...

      Even GT5 is barely a sim.

    Um... what's with the trees casting shadows towards the sun? On the street, trees on both sides cast shadows onto the road, but the car only casts a shadow in one direction (so it's clearly not midday)...

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