Gran Turismo's Love Affair With European PSPs Continues

Europe's already got one up over America when it comes to Gran Turismo on the PSP, with early PSPgo adopters getting GTPSP for free. So did they really need a couple of fancy limited edition packs as well?

Pictured above, the Gran Turismo PSP: Collectors Edition is a European deal which includes a "special rainbow silver foil effect Collector's Edition" box, five art cards and, probably most enticing for car lovers, exclusive in-game access to the 2009 Bugatti Veyron.

It'll be out on October 1, alongside a PSP-3000 bundle that again trumps the American offering, as unlike the standard silver PSP the US receives, Europe is getting the GT-branded console offered to the Japanese market.

What gives, GT? North America piss in your morning coffee?


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