The Ballad Of Gay Tony Debut Trailer

The Ballad Of Gay Tony Debut Trailer

We saw the screenshots, we saw the box art, and now we finally get to see the debut trailer for Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony.

The Ballad of Gay Tony on its own will be available for download on Xbox Live for $26.40 or 1600 Microsoft Points when it’s released on October 29.

There’s also a disc version called Grand Theft Auto: Episodes From Liberty City which includes both The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony episodes. It’ll retail for $69.95, or you can purchase both episodes as downloads for $52.80. The downloaded version requires the original GTA IV to play. The disc version does not.

The trailer is titled, “You’ll Always Be King Of This Town”. (But of course!)


  • So they finally added a parachute? something that should’ve been included at release along with bicycles and everything else that will no doubt be released in this gen’s version of GTA: San Andreas? I dont mind paying for new missions, and don’t get me wrong, this looks sweet, but screw paying for what is essentially launch content.

    • Who says those things should be included in the game? Oh, you. SA was SA…IV was IV….

      I’m just happy to get me some more Liberty City action. This looks delightful.

  • some of the comments about this have been really obnoxiously homophobic and i guess say a lot about about the immature mindset of gamers… or just the GameTrailers crowd, I guess. a no! a successful nightclub empresario who happens to be homosexual! that threatens me, i need flamboyant stereotypes to make me feel safe again!

    • i used to feel exactly the same about it. but then i scored a copy of gta4 360 for $50 brand new and then got the L&D dlc straight away for it 🙂
      i just wanted to play the bloody thing. its ok i guess. i’ll most likely buy this dlc aswell. then when MW2 launches nothing else will get any love for quite a while.

  • This looks absolutely awesome! It feels like a bit of a homage to Vice City, and I LOVED the vibe of that game.
    Excellent work R*
    I’m sold.

  • Any word on whether they will release a Boxed Version of Episode 2 (only) that contains the download code?

    Like they did with Episode 1? think JB HiFi were the only ones to get it… one of the only reasons why I ask is that it ended up cheaper this way, because JB were throwing in a points card also…

  • I dunno, gta one of my fav franchises seems to be getting a tad stale, wouldn’t have anything to do with money would it?

  • Looks amazing, reminds me of the good old SA days…but im trading in my copy of GTAiv tomorrow for batman… lost my interest in GTA and rockstar for their ignorance of the ps3. not blaming microsoft here… they offered, rockstar accepted.. oh well… dont you think all the kachings of cash registers sound a bit duller to rockstar if 10’s of millions of possible sales are lost? its a shame really

  • Gotta give it to Rockstar, they always know how to make good trailers.

    “I Somehow lost my pants” haha

    Love how the music goes with the people dancing in the club. Looks good, hope some of the stuff here is possible in gameplay.

    Looking at this, i’m excited for the next GTA. Will it be GTA V or GTA: Some City. Follow route with GTA III, VC & SA. I know they haven’t announced anything and i was totally excited for GTA IV but after playing, i was disappointed.

    I know we can’t expect so much more after San Andreas. But i didn’t expect such a decline. I believe Rockstar will learn from their mistakes and make a San Andreas 2 (not titled that) and bring the fun back to GTA.

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