GTA: Episodes From Liberty City Box Looks Like This

Here's the final box art for Grand Theft Auto: Episodes from Liberty City, the stand-alone versions of Grand Theft Auto IV's first and second doses of downloadable content.

Rockstar sure has been busy this weekend, releasing a set of screenshots for The Ballad of Gay Tony, announcing Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars and Beaterator for the iPhone, and now we get our first look at the box art for Episodes from Liberty City. You'd think they'd just take the rest of the week off, but no - tomorrow they release the trailer for The Ballad of Gay Tony. Then they take a richly-deserved nap.


    Totally forgot the hard work or sending out screenshots and uploading them onto the internet!

    They should do some real work and a do a third episode. Then it will be worth buying at the most likely outrageous price it will be.

    Reminds me of Saints Row 2 artwork for some reason.

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