Guitar Hero 5's Song Importing Isn't As Great As We Thought it turns out Guitar Hero 5's ability to import songs from previous games isn't as good a deal as we first thought. Turns out that, of World Tour's 85 songs, only 35 can so far be copied over.

That's less than half. Funny that there's some mysterious ailment afflicting songs sold on a retail disc, when 152 of the 158 downloadable tracks for Guitar Hero will work just fine with Guitar Hero 5.

Like Rock Band, there's a charge associated with bringing the songs over—$US3.50—but unlike Rock Band, which let you import nearly the entire previous game's library, we're having a little trouble seeing the benefits of ponying up for only 35 songs.

'Guitar Hero' rocks on [USA Today]


    I am so glad I imported Rock Band 2 as that is just a crap excuse for an import. Rockband Beatles here I come.

    Rock Band is so much better than Guitar Hero, just that Rock Bank has the crappy 4 button drums.

    Still I prefer the Japanese beatmania games, I can't stand full version songs that drone on forever,try playing Sweet home Alabama for 9mins.

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