Gundam Creator: "Video Games Are Evil"

But giant mechanised machines are your friend! Gundam creator Yoshiyuki Tomino gave a speech at the CEDEC game conference hoping to, as game site Gamasutra says, "provoke game developers."

He wasn't looking for a fist fight! The man is a senior citizen. Rather, he was hoping to get game developers to think deeply about the future of gaming. Tomino dished out nuggets like:

I think that video games are evil. [Gaming]is not a type of activity that provides any support to our daily lives, and all these consoles are just consuming electricity! Let's say we have about three billion people on this planet wasting their time, bringing no productivity at all. Add 10 billion more people, and what would happen to our planet? Video games are assisting the death of our planet!

And then only mecha could save us. The irony, as Gamasutra points out, is that Gundam appears on tons of video games. The irony of that is that we think Tomino was being ironic. We think. We hope.

"You have to find the median—that games are not evil, perhaps not necessarily good either, but something that can be considered a pastime. What would make people enjoy a game? How do you make them feel like it is not just a waste of time?

"If finding answers to these questions were easy," continued Tomino, "then something better would have been out by now. Has there been anything better than Tetris since it first came out? How many years has it been? This is what I want to tell you: I want you to create a game that does not negatively affect our daily lives and is something that is considered more productive." So less Gundam games, more...?!

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CEDEC 09: Keynote - Gundam Creator: "Video Games Are Evil" [Gamasutra]



    Anime and Manga and model making doesn't really provide any benefit other than entertainment either...

    I guess he is a senior citizen, possibly getting a little senile.

      Someone's missing the point here.
      The point is not the "productive"--it's about not being a "past time", but something that people should really care for.
      At least with MMOs, people see games as more of a social obligation than something fun. They log on, day in, day out, in attempt to better their character. And along the way, they whine about how crappy the game is.
      Games should be something that you enjoy every time you play, not spending the first x hours leveling and countless more gearing going through the motion just so you can enjoy ..boasting on forums. That's right, the enjoyment doesn't even come from the game itself--it comes from boasting outside the game. Now is that how you want games to go?

    by that logic sports is also evil, games just like every other entertainment are there to distract us from our meaningless lives

    all gundam is doing is using electricity, if billions of people were solely watching shows like that then no productivity would happen!

    stupid old men are stupid old men, he probably doesn't even think about the philosophical meaning of productivity... what is the point of humanity in terms of most beliefs?

    Would you people stop being videogame fanboys and listen to him? I personally agree. When i read manga, books or play sports i am enhancing my social mental and physical health. When you play (most) videogames all you get really is a big waste of time.

    videogames arent the most productive things to do with your time.

      Are you trying to be ironic?

      All the alternate activities you mentioned can be just as frivolous and putting 'most' in brackets doesn't allow you magically escape rebuttal.

      Your opinion is as ignorant as it is wrong and I'm not at all afraid to tell you that.

    Obviously he doesn't realise that videogames also create jobs, and drive technology forward.

    As for the consumption of them, it's about the same as watching Gundam on TV. I think he's gone senile.

      technology such as 3D, simulations, multimedia and AI

    I agree that he was trying to inspire game developers.

    "[Gaming] is not a type of activity that provides any support to our daily lives"... so could we make a game which supported our daily lives...

    "three billion people on this planet wasting their time, bringing no productivity at all"... so could we make a productive game...

    How about a game, in which you enter your daily meals, and it scores you based on how healthy your diet was... the game could inform you of the nutrients you were receiving, and let you know what you needed to eat to improve your score e.g. You've had plenty of zinc, and vitamin b today, but it looks like your lacking in iron... try eating a carrot to improve your score"

    Just an example, but as the business adage goes, "you must seek threats, to turn into opportunities"

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