Halo 3 ODST's Amazing Live Action Trailer

Credit to Microsoft and Bungie, 'cause they really know how to put together a nice promotional movie, as evidenced by this new Halo 3 ODST live action trailer. War is hell, but also very cool when Covenant Brutes are involved.

The live action sneak peek at Halo 3 ODST is after this, courtesy of IGN.

Halo 3: ODST Xbox 360 Trailer - Live-Action Trailer [IGN - thanks, Jesse!]


    The sad thing is that trailers like this show the full atmospheric and narrative potential of the Halo universe that the games don't even come close to touching.

      Yeah. A good war story would be great. Sadly Halo isn't really aimed at providing that kind of experience when it could be so much more emotional.
      I've even been a bit sad that an ODST game isn't really very tactical.
      I think we just have to accept the target audience doesn't really give a shit.

    Despite the underlying gung-ho yee-hah Americanism and the horrible ODST logo on the drill instructors shirt, this made me giddy like a prepubescent microsoft fanboy.

    "This DOES look amazing, but then again, it could also be a sign of how they poured all their skill into marketing and forgot how to make a good game."

    Couldn't help yourself, could ya.

    Haters can be haters.

    But they're just jealous there most loved franchise don't receive a budget (or the brains) to do epic shit like that right there.

    Thats better than those short films they did back in Halo 3's release. You can just tell, WHEN a Halo film is released, it's going to be so epic. Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg NEED to be attached. AND not screw up Halo like Steve did with Transformers.

    I've never pictured Halo to be anything like this trailer. I mean this trailer is cool and i would want the Halo movie to look similar to this. But none of the Halo games have tried to make any attempt at what war is like and the aftermath & all that. I mean it is a sci-fi first person shooter. You ain't going to play multiplayer and receive some war lesson and the affects it causes & the bond of a team of ODST soldiers.

    Those men just look really stupid.

    This whole trailer just looks really stupid.

    You all must be really stupid.

      And you're really stupid for giving into your urge to post such troll-tastic thoughts.

      Justification always helps if you want to bash something.

    for some reason this video reminds me of those SEALs that died in afghanistan during operation redwing.

    really channels that "balls to the wall" atmosphere of war i suppose

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