Halo Anime: Watch Some Now

On Friday night, Spike TV showed, amongst a ton of Halo 3: ODST coverage, a preview of the upcoming Halo anime project, Halo Legends.

Here's just the anime stuff. Looks... better than I was expecting, actually. Nice blend of ham-it-up chit-chat and some more serious, knife-in-the-neck kind of stuff.


    Wow... that looks really good - so looking forward to seeing Halo Legends now

    gay. no offense but i would expect more for a halo anime, more like the detail of the iron man anime that is coming out soon made by madhouse.

      Keep in mind this is an extract of -1- of many different short films comprising a single disc, each with varying art styles and qualities.

      And furthermore calling something gay and implying negativity via such a remark is just another way of saying 'I'm an immature moron who has no idea what he's talking about'.

      Also that ironman anime looks like shit.

    DO WANT. The direction style of it seems quite perfect.

    I found it amusing that all the troopers were big beefy strong-jawed big-nosed clearly not Japanese types, while the 'hero' was a lanky prettyboy. Oh Japan, you and your stereotypes!

      Though I should mention I quite enjoyed the clip and look forward to more, of course.

    oh shi- when's it out?

    It looks so 90s anime, kinda retro, especially the spiky haired brat.

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