Halo Hoodie Practically Begs To Be Teabagged

Without getting close enough to see the UNSC sleeve patch (or the obnoxious "NOOBS GET PWN3D" crest), I'm not sure this $US88 Marc Ecko-designed Halo-themed hoodie really says "Master Chief" to me.

I suppose you can cinch up the hood and create a semi-Spartan helmet visor look with it. Still, this garment seems to be more to be a demonstration of Big Brand A + Big Brand B = $$$$, rather than of street cred or gamer bonafides.

Marc Ecko Master Chief Hoodie [Street Level]


    Ecko seems to have a knack for creating shit.

    What the hell is this, the eighties?

    "wanna get beat up? now only $88USD!"

    see, I might have contemplated this if the freaking hood even remotely looked like the helmet... but blah. it looks... Johnny Mnemonic in a bad way.

      What do you mean Johnny Mnemonic? I watched that movie only a couple of days ago and Keanu Reeves wears a suit through the whole movie... not some poorly designed 'Halo' hoodie.

      Seems they tried to make it look like a motorcycle jacket.

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