Halo ODST: Breaking The Mould

Explore Halo 3: ODST's journey from DLC to full game, or in the words of cinematics director CJ Cowan, "Here's an engine, here's a story, you got a year. Go."

Cowan's quick and dirty summary of the project might be accurate, but it downplays the sheer amount of work that Bungie has put into Halo 3: ODST. The idea of some quick and dirty single-player downloadable content blossomed into an undertaking worthy of a full retail release, with new weapons, advanced technology and a new art direction that makes ODST a completely separate beast from the Halo 3 we know.



    BTW: What COULD you do, in terms of something major that could change the game dramatically in 2 weeks. NOTHING! Or you could try and put matchmaking in for Firefight! I know they wanted it in, they just couldn't - so thats something they would do differently.

    The lighting of the game looks sweet, especially with this Visor Mode. However the part where the two voice actors are talking in the studio then it changes to in-game, the faces of the characters look really bad. I mean, faces & human characters weren't bad at all in Halo 3.

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