Halo: ODST Live-Action Trailer Gets An Extended Cut

Halo fan or not, you gotta admit that the ODST live-action trailer was an amazing piece of work for what is, essentially, a video game commercial. The original ran for 1:30; this extended cut runs for a whole extra minute.


    It never ceases to amaze me how much potential trailers can have. A lot of people always complain that there's never enough gameplay shots, everything's in CG, etc etc, which are valid points but this clearly shows that sometimes all you need is the FEEL of the game itself and that is enough to portray it. Kind of like the first SC2 trailer with the marine 'factory'...

    Props to Bungie for this trailer, gives me the District 9 vibe too ^_^

    There is nothing at all stoping them from making a movie now...

    Hot damn, if only that got made into a movie. I'm not a massive Halo fan, but I would be first in line to see that film.

    I recall the Halo 3 "Believe" trailer also being amazing. You know, the one with the epic battle happening in the diorama? Yeah. None of that actually happened in the game.

    Even better even though its the same!

    I second what Brent3000 said. NOTHING can stop them.

    Not even money! If a Halo game can gross $150 million in one day, imagine what a movie can gross. Fair enough the price difference. But the film will appear to no doubt all Halo fans and players out there, a lot will see numerous times. But if it looked anywhere near as good as this TRAILER FOR A GAME - the movie can only be better and appeal to action fans and others. Yes, even PS Fanboys who where sunglasses and a hat to theatre to not be noticed.

    Yet, i can only imagine the film to look a little lighter on the colour. Bit of green here & there. Afterall the game does look much colourful, but this trailer is more of a showcase of the ODST not the Halo universe.

    This certainly shows that a Halo movie could really be a great thing, assuming it had this kind of emotion behind it.

    As for actually being a trailer for a game, I think its really cool, but very misleading. I love it for being a cool video, but all it can do is try and make us get a feeling for the game, but if you've played the other Halo games then you will know that there honestly wasn't a whole lot of emotion in them. I mean I'm sure they tried to put it in, but the Halo series has always been about exciting combat and an interesting story, not about characters I really care for (I actually hated Miranda Keyes). Lets see if Halo ODST can change that.

    holy dear mother of freaking cow, that was so unbelievably epic, loved how it showed the unity of the world, how they were german. great stuff

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