Halo's Xbox Live Section Opens In November

Microsoft announced today that Halo Waypoint—a section of Xbox Live devoted entirely to all things Halo—will be out in the first week of November.

"Nov 5", says the project's official Twitter page. "Mark it on your calendar". We won't, thanks. We are, however, curious to see how the whole thing works, and how big a deal Microsoft make of it. We like our Halo, sure, but not enough to see it shoved in our faces every time we turn on the 360.

[HaloWaypoint @ Twitter]


    I doubt it'll be 'shoved in our faces every time we turn on our 360' certainly not to the same degree that Xbox Live is shoved down your throat if you dont have it or aren't currently signed in.
    Sounds interesting but I don't see how they can find enough content to justify this halo waypoint. I already find that there is nothing useful on any of the Xbox live panels, maybe a new game video and demo a week, oh and a dozen different categories all filled with episodes of The Guild.

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