Hamburgers, Bananas, Transsexual, Wii Game

After being crowned by transsexual fashion model Ayanna Tsubaki, 24-year-old Ken Suyama stuffs his face with Burger King burgers as part of a promotional event for Little King's Story.

The struggling part-time-wannabe-musician was selected out of 2,484 hopeful applicants and got things like one hundred bananas, one hundred passes for a bathhouse and one hundred whoppers. Nothing says "king" like Burger King or one hundred slowly rotting bananas.

椿姫彩菜さんが王冠を授与! 2,484名の応募者から『王様物語』の王様が決定 [Dengeki Online]


    She actually featured in Ryu ga gotoku 3 (Yakuza 3). Theres a side-quest all about her and her life story.

    Japanese surgeons dont do a better job, they have an easier job.

    Most oriental races' males are slightly more effmenitnate (lolwaat). You go to the phyllipines and wont know if its a girl offering suckysucky or a really sexy dude.

    100 bananas sounds like a easy eating, i could turn them into smoothies and eat them in 4-5 days. 100 whoppers on the other hand are going to be a waste, unless you get all your friends over for some fine dining.

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