Hands-On With Bayonetta — The PS3 Version

The PlayStation 3 version of PlatinumGames' Bayonetta has become somewhat of a point of contention, given that the developer of the game has handed off development duties to Sega for that platform and that it reportedly...doesn't look so good.

Well, we decided to check the PS3 version of the non-stop climax action game for ourselves at TGS, just to see how evenly the two versions of the game were matched. Having played the Xbox 360 version a few times, we felt nervously qualified to determine the differences between the two.

Fortunately, we had an approximate 90-minute wait to play the PlayStation 3 version of the game today, plenty of time to watch the Bayonetta trailer and TV commercial loop a few dozen times. That trailer showed off a few new features and cinematic presentations — including a level set on a highway that sees Bayonetta engaging in gunfire battles on the top of vehicles and some motorcycle driving action.

But when we did get our hands on a DualShock to play Bayonetta, it felt largely the same as the Xbox 360 demos we'd played. That may be due to the familiar setting — it was the same demo PlatinumGames and Sega had brought to E3. But it was also due to the fact that the game's were mostly the same, the mechanics firmly intact and the bright visual impact of the flamboyantly designed game nearly identical across both versions.

That said, some of the visuals on the PS3 version did appear to be lagging behind the Xbox 360 version, with muddier textures and a more uneven frame rate bogging down the presentation. Determining those differences was a bit of a struggle though, as we attempted to verify earlier reports of the game suffering in the graphics department. Both versions were not presented side-by-side, so it was hard to tell how much more attractive one version looked than the other.

Basically, the decision on which version of the game to buy will come down to select factors. Do you have an Xbox 360? Probably best to get that version. Do you prefer the DualShock controller? Perhaps the PS3 version is better suited to your taste. Do you really like Bayonetta? Well, either version will likely satisfy.

We'll wait to the game has been stamped upon both DVDs and Blu-ray discs and shipped to retail before judging definitively, but, as of right now, it appears one version may have a longer list of faults than the other. Whether those faults matter to you, single console owner, remains to be seen.


    FFS its going to be Ghostbusters/Orange Box all over again isn't it? God damn lazy developers.

    How a company still cant optimize a ps3 version of a game this late in to the generation I'll never understand. Hopefully they'll have it properly ready before it releases >_>

      its sonys fault a developer cant port to thier system well they did make thier consol notoriously difficult to program for cus they assumed they would rule the roost this generation and that devs would be programing for the PS3 first and foremost this difficulty would make it hard to port and hence discourage developers from porting to the 360.
      to put it simply sonys corperate money grubbign tactic backfired on thier asses with the ps3 recieving most of the sub par ports ala ghostbusters / orange box

        No, it's the developer's fault if they haven't got to grips with the hardware by now - it's been out for 3 years, which means they've probably had it for at least 4. Most other developers have figured out the PS3 by this point. Anybody who hasn't yet needs to have their competence questioned.

    i have no idea how bayonetta got so popular it just seems like another generic slasher nothing to froth at the mouth over but then again i have not played it

      Yeah exactly, at least with Ninja Gaiden you had a grip with reality, enemies that made sense.

      This game is like, oh lets just throw in random after random, whatever we brain stormed on the white board lets put it in.

        yea i know right ninja gaiden i didnt lioke that musch either aside from its difficulty (you get crysis to test a new computer and you get ninja gaiden to test your own skill)but really i ahvent seen anything from bayonetta that ninja gaiden / god of war / the lord of the rings movie tie in games / the force unleashed hasnt already done better. (damn i coudda kept goin with this but you get the point)

    She still needs to not to have such a shrunken head.

    ugly, ugly, horrible, shitty as hell character design? Check.

    Boring, ugly, art direction with a "sexy" hero who owns a 47 room mansion in the uncanny valley? Check.

    Samey, button mash combat that's been done better countless times? Check.

    Pointless monkey cheese randomness in place of intelligent design decisions/actual humour/an entertaining story? Double check.

    I think we have a platinum seller, boys! Break out the champagne! I'll order the hookers, but you gotta BYO coke.

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