Heavy Channels Lady Gaga In 'Babyman'

Ah, the TF2 soundfile, the gift that keeps on giving. Here's a remix of Heavy crooning "Babyman", a sendup of Lady Gaga's chart-topper "Pokerface", Warning, 30 seconds of this is enough to get both songs stuck in your head.

Credits also to Medic and Spy for some of the vocals. But Heavy makes it clear this is his song, not theirs.

Heavy Weapons Guy - Babyman (Pokerface) [YouTube, thanks Dylan M.]


    And i listened to whole the whole thing so now all day i shall be humming this and when people are mocking me thing It's lady Gaga I shall have to correct them and sing these lyrics.

    Hahaha. I love everything to do with TF2. This is great. There are other great videos on youtube as well.

    Lol, this is beyond win!

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