Heavy Rain Screenshots: Clown

Look at all that peace! And reflection! And wholesome, loving time spent with a beautiful family! Wonder if something is about to go horribly, horribly wrong...


    that clown is fucked up

    An entire game of just that would honestly be amazing.
    Eat some ice cream and do your tax return

    Okay some of these screenshots are HORRIBLE!

    That first one, before i read the title, i thought it was some small arcade MS title or a Wii game.

    But the game does look alright from trailers etc... just hope it doesn't get too over hyped.

    go to the park and feed me some ducks

    I thought I was looking at the Sims with that first shot. :X

    Anyone else not the trust the clown? Or is it just me? o_O

    Is it falling in an out of the uncanny valley a lot it seems. Hopefully it will all be sorted by the time it comes out.

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