Here Come The First DirectX 11 Cards

Pity those who only just got on top of Crysis' recommended specs. Because if word on the street is to be believed, the next next generation of PC hardware is only a few months away.

First off the starting blocks will be ATi's Radeon HD 5800 series of cards (starting with the HD 5850 and 5870), which should be hitting stores as early as next month. Nvidia's first line of DX11 cards—the GT300 range—will follow in December.

Suddenly, my 8800 GT doesn't look so trusty anymore.

Nvidia and AMD readying for DirectX 11 [Digitimes, via Gizmodo]


    Lol don't worry the 8800gt is still a great card and im sure will give you another 2 years or so.

    I have a 9800GTX and it pained me when i saw it sell for $150 less the week after i bought it for $375 at MSY..

    hopefully i will get my moneys worth out of this card before upgrading to the DX11's.

      yea i hate when that happens. Any pc part/ pc built becomes outdated the moment you buy it.

    IM still running my 8800gt

    I wont bother until several games tax my system. ATM theres nothing the 8800gt cant handle.

    Just bought a GTX 285, but my PC only just runs and powers it - unless a GTX 385 uses the same/less power, I haven't failed too badly.

      Oh and it should be a while before the new cards get to the price I got the 285 at... I hope :x

    Just built a rig with a brand new 4870 in it, but I need the rig now so I have to cop it. No biggie.

    New architecture means big things. These cards will be screamers especially over the already stretched DX10 chips that NVIDIA have been churning out since the first 8800GTX (now there was a great card).

    This is why i don't game on PC. Too confusing and money!

    One day though...

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