Here's 90 Seconds Of The Force, Unleashed On Hoth

I'll acknowledge Star Wars:STFU The Force Unleashed did not live up to the hype. I think one reason I lost momentum is that I really didn't care about the worlds in which I was playing.

This might be a reskin of the game, but going back to Hoth, one of the trilogy's most iconic settings, even in that quasi-Isaac from Dead Space getup has me intrigued. At least intrigued enough to fire up my old copy and toss around some palette-swap Wampas, I mean, Wookiees as practice.

Exclusive Ultimate Sith Gameplay [Gametrailers]


    Too bad the people who supported the game in the first place can't play this without buying the stupid Sith Edition. Thanks for the kick in the face, Lucasarts.

    I don't understand the negative tone in this article. Reskin? Palette swap? If those words apply here, then every game consists of only one level with all following it just being reskins with pallete-swapped enemies.

    Those wampas are clearly new models, and that level looks like a new design to me.

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