How Are The Top Five Xbox 360 Games In Japan Similar?

You don't need to play them or their spin-offs only on the Xbox 360, that's how.

According to Japanese website Game Data Museum, the top five selling Xbox 360 games are:

1. Star Ocean 4 (Life-to-date: 208,521) 2. Blue Dragon (Life-to-date: 203,740) 3. Tales of Vesperia (Life-to-date: 194,714) 4. Last Remnant (154,493) 5. Resident Evil 5 (121,515)

All of those games, points out Japanese website Hachima Kikou, are available on other platforms or have become available on other platforms. Star Ocean 4 debuted on the Xbox 360, but has recently been announced for the PS3. Blue Dragon was an Xbox 360 exclusive and published by Microsoft, but different versions of the game have appeared on the DS platform, published by Namco and AQ Interactive. The Last Remnant is available on the Xbox 360 and the PC, while Resident Evil 5 is a multi-platform title.

What Hachima Kikou seems to be getting at here is that Japanese gamers who do not own an Xbox 360 or have no intention of doing so can enjoy the Xbox 360's biggest sellers. In short: In the top five, there are no "exclusives"—whatever that term means these days. Though, since Microsoft published the Xbox 360 version of Blue Dragon, that game is very much an exclusive. The franchise, however, does not seem to be as it is being farmed out to other publishers so it can be put on the DS—probably because Microsoft does not have a portable gaming system.

Scrolling through the rest of the top sellers in Japan, though, there do seem to be plenty of definite Xbox 360 exclusives: Viva Piñata, Forza 2 and Halo 3. Gears of War is in the top twenty. There are still Xbox 360 exclusives, and those exclusives are selling fairly well in Japan—for Japan. Going by sales figures and looking at this chart, there is enough original first party content to justify a purchase. Maybe it's no longer wise to run out to buy a console, any console, for a third party exclusive title. Can't trust their exclusivity.

最後の希望までもが移植、Xbox360のソフト累計販売本数トップ5のソフトは今 [はちま起稿]


    And so why does a console need exclusives in order to excuse a purchase? If it looks appealing and fits into how you play, then buy it, thats it.

      I think what he is saying is that truly 3rd party exclusives are disappearing, and buying a games console over another one because of that fact is no longer a solid reason to. Both the xbox and ps3 perform very similarly, and i bought the ps3 simply because i like the 1st party exclusives better. exclusives are there to excuse a purchase OVER another system not in general ;)

    There is certainly some importance for exclusivity. The reason I chose 360 over PS3 back in the day was for it's exclusive titles that were available at the time, and the only reason I eventually bought a PS3 was for the games exclusive to it (namely MGS3 and LBP).

    I look forwad to a day where everyone is able to experience any game regardless of which company's console they buy. I hope that one day it is like mp3 players or computers where you can choose different consoles to play the same software. There are great games on all three current-gen systems and I think it is ridiculous I need to block out some games just to be able to play others.

    In other news, Tales of Vesperia is a horrible game and I wish I never bought it.

      I beg to differ. Gaming consoles will never be and i hope will never be like PC gaming.

      Once again you still have Linux, Mac & Windows as the three main competitors in computer software. But for games, its mainly Windows and Mac pretty much get games a year or so later or a BIG title will get simultaneous release in some cases.

      However its all bout being competitive and business. And therefore NO console in the near future or i hope, will never share all the same titles. Having those first-party or sometimes third-party exclusives is healthy for each console.

      It offers a diverse range of titles. The Wii is more casual approach with more fun & party childish games. Same with the DS - i mean i noticed a "Hells Kitchen" game for the DS today - i thought i was dreaming a NIGHTMARE but realized it was a real life situation. I mean the DS just spits out lame games for everything you can think of.

      The PS3 and Xbox offer some casual games but a lot of FPS or Action/Horror/Shooting games. And they both have great online services dedicated to gamers who play their consoles on a regular basis.

      I don't see Nintendo ever becoming a more "hardcore" manufacture that Sony is with the PS3 or MS have always been. I say this because the PS2 was the Wii of last generation.

      And for the record, different computers will don't play the same software. You don't see Mac available on an Acer or HP computer. Although you do see Windows on a Mac. Not only that, each OS operates its own programs. Mac are lucky that MS do develop a Word for Mac etc... but thats as far as it gets.

    You forgot to mention that all of the titles in the top 5 besides Resident Evil 5, were exclusives at the tim of release.

    Therefore that is why they have the sales they have. I'm surprised at RE5's sales considering it launched on the PS3 at the same time and it has up until now been more of a PS title.

    Blue Dragon i consider an exclusive not because MS published it, but because the DS port is a completely different game as such.

    Not only that, but Last Remnant is an exclusive to Xbox 360 in terms of "consoles" which games sell better on anyway.

    I think its good of an article to publish these sort of things and it being the Xbox when we know how the Xbox goes in Japan - but you do fail numerous times within this to in a sort of way, explain the truth.

    I'm a Xbox fan but can acknowledge the fact that these games, minus RE5, wouldn't have these numbers if they released at the same time as a PS3 or Wii port.

    Wait... we're not talking about all exclusives that each console has, only the 5 top selling titles in japan for xbox arn't all exclusives.

    I'm really not sure what this article is trying to get at.

    The versions on the DS have nothing to do with blue dragon at all, they're SRPG not even normal JRPG's. Last remnant is a console exclusive, I notice a lot of sony fanboys getting uppity over that term, because then it's not a 'real exclusive', but lol, I think that might just be because no sane developer would go for a PC + PS3 release due to the major programming differences if they could help it.

    Star ocean and tales were obviously timed exclusives, waiting a whole year to play a game is a long time.

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