How Did The Giant Gundam Affect The Environment?

You are looking at a photo from a little over two months ago. Savour that lush green grass. It's beautiful.

This is a photo of the Gundam statue from a week ago. Drink in that brown dirt and the odour of human sweat. Oh the humanity, so real.

The kicker? This 1-1 scale Gundam project is part of the "Green Tokyo Project", which is to help Tokyo become a greener city and hopefully snag the Olympic games in the process. Nothing says "environment" like trampling grass and creating waste. At least a giant mecha was involved, though!

等身大ガンダムはとんでもないものを盗んでいきました・・・ [はちま起稿]


    Good ol' wasteful Japan. Odaiba is constantly set up with massive exhibitions every summer that are then stripped down when the season ends. Most of the free area is carparking in the colder months...

    What nooooo, there are people walking everywhere so just think of it as a omni-directional road to the gundam :)

    The day the Japanese actually become "green" and environmentally friendly is the day AFTER the world ends and they miraculously survive and learn from their mistakes (which i dont think they do).


    Always with the whales..

    Its just an ugly statue.

    What's the attraction again?

      I just visited the robot a couple weeks ago. It's quite beautiful and wonderfully built.

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